D&RGW EMD GP30 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameSerialNotes
DRGW 3001Apr-1962Jul-19947619-??27135Retired Jul-1994, to KSW 3001
To Central Kansas (CKRY) 2508
To Hudson Bay (HBRY) 2508 in 2001
DRGW 3002Apr-196230-Jul-19997619-??27136Wrecked at Nolan Tunnels, 22-Sep-1970
Retired by UP 30-Jul-1999
Last active D&RGW GP30
Scrapped Cycle Sys Feb-2001
DRGW 3003Apr-196230-Jul-19997619-??27137Wrecked Crater 25-Dec-1968
Retired UP 30-Jul-1999
Scrapped Cycle Sys Feb-2001
DRGW 3004Apr-196226-Sep-19957619-??27138To Cimarron Valley 3004
DRGW 3005Apr-196222-Sep-19707619-??27139Destroyed at Brown Cyn, CO, 22-Sep-1970
Scrapped Pueblo May-1971
DRGW 3006Apr-196223-Dec-19987619-??27140Retired 23-Dec-1998 by UP
Sold to Marcus Rail, stored Denver
DRGW 3007Apr-196228-Apr-19977619-??27141Retired UP, to NREX Silvis, IL
DRGW 3008May-196228-Apr-19977619-??27142Retired UP, to NREX
DRGW 3009May-196221-Sep-19747619-??27143Destroyed at Brendel, UT, 21-Sep-1974
Unit was scrapped at wreck site
DRGW 3010May-196230-Sep-19917619-??27144Destroyed at Cliff, CO, 30-Sep-1991
DRGW 3011May-1962Dec-19947619-??27222To Omnitrax, Wichita, KS
Preserved at CRRM
DRGW 3012May-1962Jan-19727619-??27223Destroyed at Cedarwood, CO 10-Jun-1971
DRGW 3013May-1962Dec-19937619-??27224To Omnitrax 1995
DRGW 3014Jan-1963Aug-19957619-??28043Wrecked Crater, CO, 25-Dec-1968
To Cimarron Valley 3014 1996
To KLIX 3014 in Apr 2018
DRGW 3015Feb-196331-May-19997640-??28044Retired by UP 1999
To Boise Locomotive
DRGW 3016Feb-196330-May-19957640-??28045To Progress Rail 1995
To Hartwell RRR 3016 Jul-1996
To RSSX 3016 Oct 2012
DRGW 3017Feb-196316-Apr-19967640-??28046To Progress Rail
Scrapped Metro East Ind Dec-1996
DRGW 3018Feb-19637-May-19967640-??28047To Metro East Ind 1997
To Larry's Truck Electric 1998
To Acadiana Rwy 3018 Dec-1998
DRGW 3019Feb-1963Dec-19937640-??28048To Omnitrax
DRGW 3020Feb-1963May-19957640-??28049To NREX 1995
To Cimarron Valley 3020
DRGW 3021Feb-1963Sep-19957640-??28050To Progress Rail Nov-1995
To Hartwell RR 3021 Jul-1996
To RSSX 3021 Oct 2012
DRGW 3022Feb-19638-Feb-19957640-??28051To Progress Rail Feb-1995
DRGW 3023Feb-1963Sep-19957640-??28052Wrecked Brown Cyn, CO, 22-Sep-1970
To Progress Rail, to NREX
To Cimarron Valley #3023
DRGW 3024Feb-1963May-19957640-??28053To Progress Rail, to NREX
To Cimarron Valley #3024
DRGW 3025Feb-19637-Aug-19827640-??28054Destroyed Byers Cyn, 7-Aug-1982
DRGW 3026Feb-196315-Jul-19947640-??28055To Omnitrax
DRGW 3027Feb-1963Dec-19937640-??28056To Omnitrax
DRGW 3028Feb-1963Dec-19937640-??28057To Omnitrax
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