Note: This is by no means complete yet, and there are undoubtedly a good number of errors in what is drawn. It's just something I've been tinkering with while sitting on the couch watching television for the last year or so.

Updates will be posted semi-regularly. For those interested in contributing, please let me know. Eventually I want to get all of the lines included, and then start placing station names and tying it back into other information available on the web. For now, it's just an experiment.

So how do you use it? Go get Google Earth, then download the most recent KMZ file from below and open it with GE. From there, it's pretty intuitive.

D&RGW System Google Earth Files

Release: 8-Dec-2009

KMZ file

  • Added C&S Walsenburg-Trinidad
  • Fixed more line widths

Release: 16-Nov-2009

KMZ file

  • Fixed line width in a number of places
  • Added C&TS trackage Antonito to Chama
  • Added Lake City Branch
  • Added abandoned D&RG from Cuchara to Trinidad
  • Added abandoned La Veta track

Original Release: 31-Oct-2009

KMZ file

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