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    Posted Friday, May 24 2013 at 1120 h MDT
    Amtrak ACS-64 600 has reached Oakland and the blue tarp that had been covering it has been removed. The word from Trainorders is that it's supposed to go east on the head end of today's California Zephyr, train 6(24). That means it'll leave Helper in daylight on Saturday, arriving into Denver that night. At that point, 600 and a P42 or two will be cut out and head south. They'll run down the Joint Line and east to Avondale, where they'll go into the TTC. My guess is that the move will happen either overnight Sat-Sun, or during the day on Sunday. Updates as I get them and am near a computer.

    Update (Mar 24, 1320h): And here it comes! [This thread] on Trainorders.com confirms that 600 is indeed on today's eastbound Zephyr leaving California. -

    Posted Tuesday, February 18 2014 at 1458 h MST
    As of two weeks ago, today's #6 into Denver (today being Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014) should have been the first train into Amtrak's new digs at the remodeled Denver Union Station. Early last week, I got news that it had been slipped, and today would not be the day.

    From two folks who should know, I have a new date for y'all... As of yesterday, the date is now Feb 28th. No idea which train, but I presume the transition will take place during the workday and it'll be #6 again doing the honors.

    I'll let you know if I hear anything more. -

    Posted Saturday, July 27 2013 at 0907 h MDT
    The scuttlebutt on Trainorders is that there will be an Amtrak move southbound on the Joint Line again tomorrow, Sunday, 28 Jul 2013. Apparently Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman is headed for the TTC, presumably for some event involving Amtrak's new ACS64s.

    The special's consist should be 2x P42s (numbers yet unknown), Pacific Cape, a Viewliner, Great Dome, and Beech Grove. The cars are coming west on Saturday's #5 out of Chicago and will be cut off at Denver. From there, it's south down the Joint Line to Pueblo and then on out to Avondale. There's no word on schedule, but I'd assume they'll get out of Denver as soon as #5 heads west and they can get power on and brake tests done. (I'm assuming the special cars will be on the back of the train, and will be cut off when Amtrak backs into their temporary Denver terminal. So #5 will be in the way until it departs.)

    The bad news is that it's supposed to be cloudy and storming tomorrow along the Front Range, so it may be a lousy day for photos.

    Once we see what #5 leaves Chicago with, that should give us an idea as to whether we're going to get a heritage P42 on this thing or not. HeritageUnits.com doesn't have recent enough sighting data on most of the P42s to figure out if any of them are a possibility. -

    Posted Thursday, September 15 2011 at 1358 h MDT
    Amtrak's California Zephyr service between Denver and Chicago will be restored starting with Thursday's (15 Sep 2011) eastbound train 6 leaving Emeryville, CA, and with the westbound train 5 leaving Chicago tomorrow (Friday, 16 Sep 2011). - NDHolmes

    Posted Friday, September 2 2011 at 1349 h MDT
    Amtrak will be resuming California Zephyr service between Denver, CO, and the western terminus of Emeryville, CA, starting tomorrow, Saturday, 2 Sep 2011. Service across Nebraska into Chicago won't resume until later in September.

    I know, you're all thinking, "But I didn't know the Zephyrs had been annulled." That's because your webmaster is a horrible sloth that's been spending his whole week working long hours rather than posting news stories. The short version is that #5-26 hit a crane in Nebraska last Friday, 26 Aug 2011. That, combined with the excessively late trains due to BNSF flood reroute traffic congestion, led Amtrak to annul all service for the last week. -

    Posted Sunday, January 7 2007 at 0029 h MST
    I went out today, mostly just wandering aimlessly on account of the beautiful blue skies this morning. For some reason, I wound up in Las Animas, and found a GT36HCW (previously misidentified as an Indian Railways GT46PAC) up on heavy flat KRL 89124, headed for the TTC. It's eventually bound for Algeria as part of an order for 16 freight GT36CWs and 14 passenger GT36HCWs. The missing trucks are apparently on a truck somewhere, and will be delivered separately.

    Since that train basically went a few miles to La Junta and started working the yard, I set about chasing the local back to Pueblo. On the point was NREX 3075, followed by BNSF 2224 (ex-ATSF GP38-2), BNSF 1411 (ex-GN GP7 rebuild), and EMDX 776 (ex-PC GP38-2). Nothing like a first generation diesel still running on a Class I, some 57 years after it was built. It's probably older than many of the crew that operate it... The local made a stop at the Rocky Ford elevator, operating that branch through town that I've never seen a train on before today. From there, it was a fast shot back to Pueblo.

    The load motor, NREX 3075, is ex-DRGW GP40 #3075, rebuilt by NREX in the last year to a GP38-2. When I saw the nose light plated over, I thought this might be the ex-DRGW NREX unit I remembered, so I devoted a fair amount of shots to it. It's an odd looking sucker, since NRE removed the middle fan from the rear...

    For photos from today, see [this album]. -

    Posted Tuesday, July 29 2014 at 1122 h MDT
    Another ACS-64 is on its way. A post on Trainorders reports that AMTK 618 is at the interchange and should be on the Zephyr on Wednesday or Thursday out of California. That puts it across the former D&RGW on Thursday or Friday. I'll update this when it actually moves, but wanted to give everyone a heads up anyway. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, January 12 2004 at 1706 h MST
    Thanks to Mike Keithly and Lee Ryan today, the Joint Line camera is now up and running. It's going to require some tuning yet, and hopefully I'll find a way to get rid of those annoying light rail trains that show up every couple minutes, but it's there and working. I'll be updating the Past Images section tonight to both be more useful and be more user-friendly. In the meantime, have a look at it here. Update (12-Jan 1700h): Well, it might not live long. I just spoke with Mike, and we may have just hit a rather serious snag that might put the whole project in jeopardy. If anybody else has a location that's suitable, please let me know, because we might need it. - NDHolmes

    Posted Saturday, May 11 2002 at 1004 h MDT
    DRGW 5365 was patched to UP 8622 on 7-May-2002 at Jenks down in North Little Rock, AR. That leaves eight semi-original operating T-2s - 5349, 5354, 5356, 5371, 5377, 5384, 5390, and 5401. Thanks to Jim Harrawood for pointing this one out. For that matter, sorry for the delay on the news - I've been gone for the past two weeks working hard in Florida. - NDHolmes

    Posted Saturday, November 9 2013 at 2048 h MST
    I saw on Trainorders that ACS-64 #606 is on today's eastbound California Zephyr 6(09). Should be across Colorado tomorrow and into Chicago on Monday. I'd go after it, but I'm down in Texas for the next week. - NDHolmes

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